Antwerp Belgium, Philippe Vryens, creations of exceptional jewelry DIAMOND BROOCHES created by Philippe Vryens® joailliers.
Under exclusive license represented by Antwerp Diamond House.
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18K yellow gold brooch with Antwerp cut diamonds. Set with natural yellow diamonds, white brilliants and natural rose diamonds. Hand made, one of a kind brooch created in line with Philippe Vryens logo and guild mark.
brooch BR9014, 18K Gold Brooch, Yellow, Rose and White Diamonds, * CLICK TO ENLARGE *
Brooch BR9012, 18K gold, 42cts diamonds brooch, * CLICK TO ENLARGE * Leaf with flower, hand made booch with 42cts Antwerp cut diamonds.
Brooch and pendant with Antwerp cut princesses totalling 4ct and a Columbian pear-shaped emerald weighing 7ct.
Brooch and pendant BR9011, Antwerp cut princesses and a Columbian pear-shaped emerald, * CLICK TO ENLARGE *

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